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Crafted By Luke

Do you want an original Luke Eliot?


Having an instrument built custom to you is something that will allow you to control the most about how your instrument looks feels and sounds. During this process you will get to see the instrument as it progresses through the stages of construction and talk directly with me about customization as it happens. I will be your advisor, making sure you know the ins and outs of how the design will affect the sound and playability of your new instrument. To see what's in stock, check out the instrument collection page.

My Design

I enjoy working with performers to build truly unique pieces. I love the aesthetic of the old Italian masters. All of my instruments are built with wood that has been air dried a minimum of 5 years. Sometimes I have the privilege of using wood that is a couple of hundred years old! When Finishing a custom instrument there are three levels of aging I keep in mind. The 1st level is a crisp finish, with sharp carving details on all of the wood, covered in a clean layer of oil varnish. This will give you a fresh brand new looking and feeling instrument. The 2nd level is to give the violin varnish some softening and a light appearance of age. This will give the violin some more character and aesthetic maturity. The 3rd level is giving the varnish a mature antique look. This method can give you the look and feel of playing on one of the great historical violins.  I love, and have used every one of these methods! While the overall shape of the violin has been essentially the same for the past 500 years, the design, the varnish, and the tone to a large degree can be chosen by you the performer.

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