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Luke Eliot M.

Born and raised in rural Illinois, I had various after-school jobs at a very young age. I worked construction and road crew, built and installed cabinetry, cared for a local cemetery, fixed cars with my brother-in-law and computers with my dad. As far back as I can remember, I disassembled (and most of the time reassembled) everything I could get my hands on, so the field of crafting instruments feels very natural to me. I moved to Indiana when I was 16 years old to work in my brother-in-law's music store. I lived in a small back room at the shop. During these early years of the company I spent all of my spare time learning and executing every method of restoration that I could find. Within a few years I was managing the Plum Grove Music repair shop, until 2017, when I started attending Chicago School of Violin Making. Since my graduation I started the Luke Eliot Violin Shop where I build orchestral instruments.

In the picture on the left is my beautiful wife Amanda, and our very serious looking daughter Madeline.


-Graduate from Chicago School of Violin Making.

(At CSVM I studied under Antoine Nedelec, Fred Thompson, and Becky Elliott.)

-9 years restoring instruments at Plum Grove Music

Hebron, Indiana


Lakeshore PBS interview

Making Amanda's Engagement ring

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